API Projects for 37signals’ Applications

I just finished hooking up Marshmallow to put some automatic notifications into my Campfire chat and found that getting APIs hooked up and seeing two otherwise disconnected systems work together is just as fun now as it was back when I was just learning to write software. There is something satisfying about seeing the result.

I decided to compile a list of the various projects that are using the APIs from 37signals to integrate various projects together. I haven’t actually used the Backpack APIs, but once I got going on the list, I figured I would finish the job and include all the products. These projects are not all using published APIs, but why not err on the side of a more interesting list of integrations rather than only look at official API use:

Basecamp (API Docs)

Backpack (API Docs)

Campfire (no official API)

Ta-da List (no official API)

I am sure there are more than this and I will make an attempt to keep this list up to date as new projects surface. If you are cooking something with an API or are aware of another project using on of these APIs, let’s hear about it.

HAPI integrating!


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